#1 risk in Bitcoin-NOBODY is talking about!

#1 Risk with Bitcoin

Have you heard of the hidden RISKS with Bitcoin, besides PRICE?

We are living a very fast changing world, who would have thought just a few years ago we would no longer take pictures with Film in our Camera’s? Better yet who would have thought we would take pictures with our phones?

Along with that just a few years back who would have thought the newspaper industry would implode so quickly and basically become non-existent?

Well that is the world we now live in, and now that digital currency and Block-chain technology like Bitcoins have come around, I consider this to be the INTERNET 2.0.

I saw a lot of things changed when Napster came on the scene and broke up the Music industry’s monopoly of exorbitant prices. While Napster eventually got shut down, I credit them for starting this decentralization we are now seeing in digital currency like Bitcoin.

Had they not come on the scene we may not have Bitcoins today.

With the new technology there come risks that you must evaluate to see if this new Magic Internet Money is for you. It is kind of like the Wild Wild West with Bitcoins.

With that you probably should educate yourself with some of the risks with Bitcoins and other Crypto Currencies.

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