99% of the World has NEVER Heard of Investing in Cryptocurrency!

bitcoin investment

Yet since January of 2013 it is up 10000%.


bitcoin investment

Investing in Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is quietly revolutionizing the entire financial industry called “fin tech”.

Due to a revolutionary new way of posting transactions is one of the ways this it has revolutionized the financial sector.

So why have you not heard of this investment that is quietly revolutionizing the financial industry?

Could Bitcoin go to $3.8 million a coin?

Do you remember 1998? This was the year Eastman Kodak (they made 85% of all the photography Film) they were in their “prime” for business. Who would have thought just 3-4 years later most of us would never take a picture with “film” again?

kodak film

Thus their business model died and so did their company. I predict the same thing is happening now to the Paper (fiat) money system. You see there is new software that was invented in 2009 that is quietly causing quite the stir in the finance world. This software could potentially take over the paper (fiat) money business.

What is this piece of technology? It is called Bitcoin and it is the first decentralized digital currency optimized for our digital world we now live in. No single individual/government owns or controls it. The Bitcoin network operates on the internet, and is kept secure by so much computer power. It equals 500 of the world’s most powerful computers, all put together and working on a single task!

You see 95% of all money transactions in the US are already being done digitally through a patched up financial system. It was never designed for the digital world we now live in.

Could it be that’s why we have so many problems with identity theft?



We believe investing in cryptocurrency Bitcoin is the answer to our future financial transactions. Instead of relying on plastic cards with chips embedded in them for our “security”?

You see in Bitcoins short existence, of 8 years, it has amassed tremendous amount of interest and capital. It now has a Market capitalization of ~$14-15 Billion coming from nothing in 2009!

We believe that Bitcoin is just getting started on this run. Even though a single Bitcoin is now worth nearly $1000 and was only worth 1/1000th of a cent when it debut in 2009.

Investing in cryptocurrency Bitcoin could be a really good investment. As the Bitcoin protocol (software) will only have 21 million Bitcoins produced by the year 2140. Already 75% of these Bitcoins (16 million) have been produced. Which means there are only 5 million Bitcoins left to come in existence over the next 123 years!

How would you have like to invested in Google and Facebook when they were a company nobody had heard of? Well now I think we are at the same point with Bitcoin. Bitcoin has the potential to become much bigger than Google, and Facebook all put together!

Since 2012 there has been more venture capital going into the development of Bitcoin and the block chain than any other technology.

This has also sparked life into many similar cryptocurrencies as well, but NONE have the market capitalization of Bitcoin nor do they have the infrastructure being created to support such. This makes Bitcoin way ahead of them in this regard.

Let’s look at an example of Dollar-cost average investing over the 8 years of Bitcoins existence. We will use a single price for Bitcoin to do the Dollar-cost average investing on June 1 for each year (just to simplify the equation).

Dollar-Cost Average Investing Over the 8 Years

Let’s also assume you invested $20 USD a week into Bitcoin, all year, for each of these years.

With a current price of roughly $1500 a Bitcoin, you would have a return of about $10 Trillion! Ok that’s not realistic, so let’s takes out the first year of 2009…

You would still have a return of about $15 million. And we think this may be just the beginning of this run as there are only 5 million coins left to come into existence and only about 1/10th of 1% of the world’s population has EVEN INVESTED into Bitcoin.

Say 1 or 2 % of the world’s population decides investing in cryptocurrency Bitcoin this could drive the price way up. This could look like a really good return over the long haul of the next 10 to 20 years!

Look how far Bitcoin has gone in only 8 years!


bitcoin investment - fin tech

A very limited supply and a growing demand for the product.

You may invest in any amount of monies into Bitcoin as low as $1.00. Bitcoin trades into decimal places up to eight (8) digits long (.00000001) so you can start out with an amount.

We predict everybody in the future will be using Bitcoins to conduct financial transactions.

Back when Eastman Kodak was around we were still trying to figure out how to “do email”. On this “new” internet thing, now fast forward 19 years and now we are all trying to figure out  how to “do Bitcoin”.

Bitcoin is a Protocol that runs on top of the internet, similar to the email protocol “SMTP”.

How we see Bitcoin in the Future

You might want to get started soon as many Bitcoin experts believe that many of us will no longer be able to afford to purchase a complete Bitcoin, in the future. Many individuals will only get partial Bitcoins because the price of a single Bitcoin will be too expensive.

Since Bitcoin isn’t regulated, it can have huge price swings up and down.

Let look at if Bitcoin replaced the US Dollar as the currency of the United States. According to the CIA factbook, the market capitalization of the US Dollar is roughly $80.9 trillion and the market capitalization for Bitcoin as we have said is ONLY ~$14-15 Billion. So if Bitcoin replaced the US Dollar Bitcoins value would immediately have to go up by about 3852 times, making each Bitcoin worth nearly $3,500,000 a Bitcoin! This doesn’t count in any of the other world currencies and other individuals who might want to get in on Bitcoin!

Are there any guarantees Bitcoin will do what I have just described?

The answer is NO.

But with the upside potential I have shown here it’s definitely worth taking a look at.

It is also coming to light that your US government Senators and Congressmen are investing in cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Do they know something we don’t?


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