Why Bitcoin can go to $1.2 Million a Bitcoin-The Bitcoin Hyperwave-


Bitcoin to $1.2 Million

There will be only 21 Million Bitcoin ever made and this could sustain the biggest wealth transfer the world has ever seen.

The world change in 2020 with the advent of Covid and all the failing currencies (Fiat paper currencies). These currencies all around the globe were being printed like crazy. It is estimated that nearly $10 Trillion was printed to keep the world economies going, after Covid hit.

You probably have heard of Bitcoin before:

But you didn’t know anything about it AND you probably didn’t invest in it. For the investors who did, MANY have seen exceptional results, if they held for at least 4 years? Why 4 years? As every 4 years the amount of Bitcoins released into society gets cut in half. More on this later…

Now we have revolution in money or the “internet 2.0” of money that can be completed over a communications platform. The timing on this is impeccable, just as we needed a digital currency for the world we now live in we are getting it. Pay Pal ISN’T digital currency nor does it work for the modern age, it’s merely a patched up system riding atop the current paper currency system. Plus PayPal and anything like it, they charge extremely high fees for what they are doing.

As the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, stated

“As the number of users grows the value per coin increase. It has the potential for a positive feedback loop; as user’s increase the value goes up, which could attract more users to take advantage of the increasing value.”

Satoshi Nakamoto, wrote this before Bitcoin was even worth $.0.01.

As an Institutional investor, “Plan B” points out each time the supply shortage (the 4 year cycle halving occurs we see a Large uptick in Bitcoins price approximately 18 months later. With each of the halving’s, the charts of Bitcoin show the price goes significantly higher than the past one. (See the chart below). Notice the huge uptick in active addresses now versus the past, as well?


Bitcoin to $1.2 Million
Why can Bitcoin ‘s value Explode?


Could this cycle be different? Never before has Bitcoin had such strong fundamentals against a failing paper currency (fiat), this highlights why Bitcoin is needed, and the ability for value, from around the world, to flow into Bitcoin has never been better. But now the public knows about it, the price is getting away from the average individual; or is it?

Financial Institutions are now rushing trying to buy up as much Bitcoin, as possible, they now deem it as a “safe” haven to store their wealth or better known as “Digital Gold 2.0” and in the past 6 months these institutions (below) have recognized Bitcoin may be the best money ever:

  • Telsa
  • Citibank
  • Deutsche bank
  • Fidelity
  • JP Morgan
  • Bloomberg
  • Blackrock
  • Micro Strategy
  • (+More)

Admittedly Micro Strategy owns a lot of Bitcoin (71,000) Bitcoins. Right behind them is Telsa at roughly 38,000 Bitcoins. Now with the other institutions rushing in to purchase some, can you imagine where the price of Bitcoin could go? Going past this cycle we believe most all of the intuitional money will be “in” Bitcoin.

Bitcoin never allowed pre-mined coins, and these same coins didn’t have any real value until late 2010, Satoshi discussed his digital currency ideas months before launch, and Satoshi has never cashed out his 1 million Bitcoins. If he did at todays prices those coins would be worth $52 Billion.

Could US Dollar Inflation be right around the corner?

With US Debt hovering around $28 Trillion Dollars, it appears the US Government has no plans to curtail their spending. Thus I suspect that the US debt will continue to travel up at a rapid pace, until inflation creeps into our society. You can already see the inflation kicking in if you go to the grocery store and buy any food.

Bitcoin may be the best way to protect you from the coming inflation. What happens when the world realizes the inflation problem as well?

Today it is easier to understand and purchase Bitcoins from a wide variety of places. Ownership of Bitcoin today is very limited. Most experts state there are roughly 25 million people who have purchased Bitcoins, or about .03% of the world’s population. What happens when ownership of Bitcoin moves from .03% of the world investing in Bitcoin to 1%?

There is approximately 7.6 Billion people in the world and only a small fraction own Bitcoin right now. Only 21 million Bitcoins will EVER BE PRODUCE, 18.6 million are currently in circulation and an estimated 3-4 million Bitcoins are lost forever. Therefore only 2.4 Million Bitcoins are left to be sold to those who do not own ANY and that is for the rest of eternity. The world will be fighting to try and grab a fraction of a Bitcoin over the next 110 years. It is estimated the creation of Bitcoins through Bitcoin Mining will cease around the calendar year 2140.

This article is my theory (not investment advice), there is only one place for Bitcoins price can go. Say the population remains the same, roughly 7.5 Billion people fighting over 2.4 million Bitcoins and now the institutional money is now coming in. Go ahead do the math. Theoretically, each person could get 0.00032 Bitcoins with today’s numbers. I could be off a bit, and Bitcoin’s Price could go even higher! So does Bitcoin go to $500,000 a Bitcoin, or $750,000, maybe $1,000,000 a Bitcoin? I suspect it will surpass $1,000,000 a Bitcoin. With ego’s involved a few people will give about anything to own a Bitcoin. But the odds grow more and more slim as each day passes for that to be a reality.


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