The 1 (one) Skill You Need To Start Buying Crypto Currencies Today…


The world today is getting turned upside down and Cryptocurrencies are now becoming part of that. In the training video below, we walk you through exactly how to get started. In this example we will be using a money exchange called Coinbase. (please read notes below).

To get started immediately use a Credit card or a Debit card.

If you use the exchange and set it up with your bank, it WILL take them AT LEAST a week to get it set up. Wire transfers are in this same category. Credit card or a Debit cards are really your only choice to get started immediately.


Credit Card’s: Are No Longer Recommended

We no longer recommend using credit cards as YOU WILL PAY a huge cash advance fees if you use them. Debit Cards in comparison have minimal fees.

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What is the difference between Bitcoin and an ICO’s? If you can’t answer that you should watch the video below.

PLEASE,PLEASE, do not leave or store your Cryptocurrencies on any exchange like Coinbase.

(You will thank me later).

As much as we think these exchanges are HACK PROOF they are NOT as the Hackers are testing their sites daily trying to STEAL these funds. Every couple of weeks we hear stories about an exchange getting hacked some where in the world.

At this point No exchange is hack proof.

So your cryptos should never be considered safe on any exchange. If you use Coinbase or ANY exchange to PURCHASE Crypto’s then immediately move them to your own personal wallet that you control the private keys on.

But leaving your cryptocurrencies in a personal hot wallet like the Exodus or the Electrum, or JAXX wallet is not really a good idea either. There are a lot of risks leaving them there, as well.

If by accident you click on the wrong link, say in your email, and then a bad actor installs some key logger software on your computer; you can easily have all of your Crypto’s taken (more and more cases are being reported all the time of people mysteriously having their crypto’s taken out of their Crypto wallets).

So what is one to do?

Learn all my secrets on keeping your Crypto’s safe, and give yourself the edge on securing them. You can find all of this and a lot more in my Easy Bitcoin for Beginners  course.

Or you could go learn it all yourself and store your Crypto’s OFFLINE with either a Paper wallet, Hardware wallet, or place them in Cold Storage. All have advantages and disadvantages.

Trust me one bad move in learning cryptocurrency will cost you WAY more than getting an education in this sector.


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