Cryptocurrency News: Crypto Currency Freedom From Financial Collapse?

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Less than ten years ago the United States and many other world economies were on the brink of collapse. Back in 2008, the US suffered the largest recession since the Great Depression. It was caused largely in part by the banks that continue to operate our monetary system. Here’s the cryptocurrency news that will surely reveal the truth.

So what’s really changed to prevent this from happening again? Not much. We narrowly survived a complete financial crisis by way of a bailout paid for by taxpayers’ money. These are the same taxpayers getting the short end of the stick by the banks that continue to control their finances.

Our current economic system runs on fiat money. This is currency printed by our central bank that has value because the government has written its value into law. The value is determined by supply and demand versus a commodity-backed system like the gold standard.

Implosion of the economy

But this system is failing. We have already begun to see the cracks that run throughout the framework, and the near collapse was nothing if not a major issue. So what now?

Some predict that in the case of global financial collapse, we would be forced to revert back to a gold standard. But the problem with this type of thinking, is that there is simply not enough gold in the world. And if the past is any indication, there is no going back.

Instead we must look forward towards the future and technology if we are to avoid a true financial crisis and complete social collapse. Many investors and billionaires have started doing just that. Is there some piece of information that they know that we, the average taxpayer, must not?

Our future lies with technology, and our salvation from this financial crisis that we are on the brink of lies in the realm of crypto currencies. This promise of hope can be seen in the sharp rise in value of their stocks. In as little as six months, the total market capitalization of all available crypto currencies has multiplied by 10 thousand times since the beginning of this year.

Recent Cryptocurrency News

In January of 2017, the market capitalization was ranked at about 10 million dollars; by June it had reached a high of around 100 billion.

Now almost everyone in the world has access to a smart phone or the Internet. That is all really needed to gain access to the block chain on which crypto currencies operate. With these new strides in technology, people all over the world have access to, and control over all of their own finances.

There is no need for a centralized bank or government to control what people can or cannot do with their finances. There is little chance of global failure along this system. No country or government is responsible for creating the value of crypto currencies. And more cannot simply be printed when it is advantageous for the government doing so.

What the world is looking at with crypto currencies is revolutionary. May be the one thing that stands between the people of this world and a full-blown, global financial crisis. It doesn’t matter whether you agree or not. The financial revolution does not care which side of the coin you are on. This change in the financial world will come to pass. Whether or not you switch over your investments and step into the future of the world economy prepared.

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Cryptocurrency News: Crypto Currency Freedom From Financial Collapse?