1. Use of the Subscription Service by PFCC, LLC and our Customers

The PFCC, LLC Subscription Service

Our online Subscription Service allows our company to use it (PFCC, LLC itself) we do not share marketing, sales and customer service content. However the Subscription Service can be used to help organize sales data about a company’s sales pipeline (e.g., leads, customers, deals, etc.). The information added to the Subscription Service, either by site visitors providing their contact information or when a Subscription Service user adds the information, is stored and managed on our service providers’ servers. This information is then used to contact visitors about their interest in the company’s goods or services and interact with our own company PFCC, LLC. We use the Subscription Service only for our customers and their own marketing, lead generation, and customer service needs, and related needs.

Use by PFCC, LLC.

We use our own Subscription Service to build webpage’s that people can visit to learn more about PFCC, LLC. Information that we collect and manage using the Subscription Service for our own marketing belongs to us and is used, disclosed and protected according to this Privacy Policy.

PFCC, LLC collects information under the direction of its customers, and has no direct relationship with the individuals whose Personal Information it processes.

“Sensitive Information”

We do not collect any of the following data-credit or debit card numbers, personal financial account information, Social Security numbers, passport numbers, driver’s license numbers or similar personal identifiers, racial or ethnic origin, physical or mental health condition or information, or other employment, financial or health information.

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