What kind of investor are you?

Are you an investor who just follows the crowd?

Before you answer this watch this video, and to get a better understanding of why you do what you do!

Had I seen this video years ago it would SAVED ME a Ton of money in investing by not following the crowd and learning about patients. You see 90% of all investors lose money when investing because they tend to follow the crowd.

Like buying stocks or crypto’s when they are being widely talked about.

The richest investors in the world rarely if ever invest this way.

Instead they buy assets that are out of favor, and sit back and wait and let the market come to them.

Exactly what I am now doing.

This was probably the hardest lesson I had to ever learn.

As in the past I wanted to buy into the markets when they were starting to rise and then hope to sell near the top and get out to profit from my brilliance.

This did not work out well at all.

But now that I am more educated, and  this is exactly what I have done with crypto’s. I started buying when they were out of favor in 2013 and I have been slowly acquiring ever since.

Plus I have not sold my crypto’s.


1) I would have to pay huge tax gains for an asset class that in my opinion is just stated to rise.

2) I would probably have missed out on some big gain as I would be sitting on the sidelines, if I were trying to time the markets again like I had so poorly in the past.

In the crypto currency world we call holding your Crypto’s HODLING (no that is not misspelled).





or Hold On for Dealer Life(HODL)